Stainless Steel in structures

Fourth international experts seminar

Ascot, UK. 6-7 December 2012

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Photograph: Helix Bridge, Singapore. Courtesy of: Christopher Frederick Jones

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  • For queries about the seminar programme and papers: Nancy Baddoo
  • For queries about travel, visas and accommodation: Lis Oliver


  • Submission of Abstract:
    30 August 2012
  • Submission of Paper in Pre-Publication Format:
    8 November 2012
  • Submission of Presentation:
    29 November 2012
  • Experts Seminar:
    6-7 December 2012

The Seminar will be held in Sunningdale Park, a large conference centre set in over 65 acres of landscaped gardens. Sunningdale Park is a 30 minute taxi drive from Heathrow Airport, and a five minute walk from The Steel Construction Institute's offices.

Sunningdale Park

Larch Avenue, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 0QE
Tel: + 44 (0) 1344 634395
Fax: + 44 (0) 1344 634233

Location map for Sunningdale Park

Accommodation is also available at Sunningdale Park. A special discounted cost has been negotiated for the Seminar of £75.00, including breakfast, per night.

To book a room, either call the Sunningdale Park Reservations Team on +44 1344 634395 and say you are attending the SCI Event or email Lis Oliver who can make the booking on your behalf.

There is a restaurant on-site at Sunningdale Park called "The Steam, Bake and Grill" which you may want to use on the night of 5th December. It may be advisable to book a table at the Sunningdale Park reception.

There will be a Seminar dinner on the evening of the 6 December.

Thursday 6 December 2012

09.00 Registration and Coffee    
09.30 Stainless Steel in Structures Experts Seminar: History and Vision    
09.40 Stainless steel in structures: recent projects G. Gedge Presentation

Material behaviour

Chair: Esther Real

10.00 Comparative study in analytical expressions for the modelling of stainless steel behaviour E. Real, I. Arrayago & R. Westeel Paper
10.15 Residual stress influence on material properties and column behaviour of stainless steel SHS M. Jandera & J. Macháček Paper
10.30 Notched strip tests to determine the yield characteristics of stainless steel J. Becque, A. Oyawoye, M. Guadagnini & S-S Huang Paper
10.45 Experimental study on the constitutive relation of stainless steel 316 under monotonic and cyclic loading Y.Q. Wang, T. Chang, Y.J. Shi, H.X. Yuan & D.F. Liao Paper
11.00 Refreshment Break    

Design of Members (1)

Chair: Dinar Camotin

11.30 The continuous strength method for structural stainless steel design S. Afshan & L. Gardner Paper
11.45 Stub column tests of stainless steel built-up sections H.X. Yuan, Y.Q. Wang, Y.J. Shi & L. Gardner Paper
12.00 Column Curves for Stainless Steel Columns Subjected to Flexural Buckling G.P. Shu & B.F. Zheng Paper
12.15 Numerical verification of stainless steel overall buckling curves P. Hradil & A. Talja Paper
12.30 Structural performance of cold-formed lean duplex stainless steel columns Y. Huang & B. Young Paper
12.45 Lunch    

Design of Members (2)

Chair: Stephen Quach

13.45 Using Eurocodes to Design Stainless Steel Bridges I. Davis & G. Gedge Presentation
14.00 Two calculation methods for overall stability coefficients of stainless steel welded I-section beams Y.Q. Wang, Y.J. Shi, H.X. Yuan & L. Yang Paper
14.15 Shear design recommendations for stainless steel plate girders N. Saliba, E. Real & L. Gardner Paper
14.30 Tests on stainless steel continuous beams M. Theofanous, N. Saliba, O. Zhao & L. Gardner Paper
14.45 Numerical Modelling of Duplex Stainless Steel Structures P. das N. Pereira; W. Pereira; I.P. Gueiros, L. Lima, P. Vellasco & J. da Silva Paper
15.00 Refreshment Break    


Chair: Ben Young

15.30 Lap shear tests of bolted and screwed ferritic stainless steel connections A. Talja & M. Torkar Paper
15.45 Structural behaviour of cold-formed stainless steel bolted connections Y. Cai & B. Young Paper
16.00 Structural Evaluation of Carbon and Stainless Steel Plates with Staggered Bolts Subjected to Tension Forces J. de J. Santos, P. Vellasco, L. Lima, S.A.L. Andrade, A.T. Silva & J.G.S. Silva Paper
16.15 Strength and ductility of slotted and gusset plate welded tubular member connections in stainless steel G. Kiymaz & E. Seckin Paper
16.30-16.45 Experimental investigation on stress concentration factors of cold-formed stainless steel tubular X-joints R. Feng & B. Young Paper
19.00 Experts Seminar Dinner    

Friday 7 December 2012


Design of Thin-walled Members (1)

Chair: Leroy Gardner

09.30 Structural applications of ferritic stainless steels K. Cashell Presentation
09.45 Stainless steel in structures in view of sustainability B. Rossi Paper
10.00 Strength and Ductility of Corner Materials in Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Sections W.M. Quach & P. Qiu Paper
10.15 Stub Column Tests and numerical simulations on Cold Formed Stainless Steel Lipped C Members S.G. Fan, G.P. Shu, F. Liu & B.F. Zheng Paper
10.30 Study of web crippling in ferritic stainless steel cold formed sections M. Bock, E. Real, I. Arrayago & E. Mirambell Paper
10.45 Refreshment Break    

Design of Thin-walled Members (2)

Chair: Pedro Vellasco

11.15 Cold-worked austenitic stainless steel in passenger railcars and in other applications W. Jaxa-Rozen Paper
11.30 Experimental Investigation of the Distortional-Global Interaction Buckling of Stainless Steel C-beams S. Niu, K. Rasmussen & F. Fan Paper
11.45 Numerical Study and Design of the Distortional-Global Interaction Buckling of Stainless Steel C-Beam S. Niu, K. Rasmussen & F. Fan  
12.00 GBT-Based Elastic-Plastic Post-Buckling Analysis of Stainless Steel Thin-Walled Members M. Abambres, D. Camotim & N. Silvestre Paper
12.15 Influence of Variation in Material Strength on Ultimate Strength of Stainless Steel Plates under In-Plane Bending and Compression S. Nara and Y. Miyazaki Paper
12.30 Lunch    

Performance at elevated temperatures


13.30 Stainless steels in hot climates and fire H. Groth Presentation
13.45 Mechanical Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steels at Elevated Temperatures T. Manninen & J. Säynäjäkangas Paper
14.00 Class 4 stainless steel beams in case of fire N. Lopes & P. Vila Real Paper
14.15 Web Crippling Behaviour of Cold-Formed High Strength Stainless Steel Tubular Sections at Elevated Temperatures F. Zhou & B. Young Paper
14.30 Refreshment Break    

Stainless Steel Design Standards

Chair: Kim Rasmussen

15.00 Development of an AISC Design Guide for Structural Stainless Steel N. Baddoo & P. Francis Paper
15.15-16.30 Discussion:
  • Comparison of stainless steel design standards
  • Developments in stainless steel design standards
  • Future research topics and priorities
Including prepared contributions from Eurocode, Australian, US, Japanese and Chinese standards. Presentation 1 Presentation 2 Presentation 3 Presentation 4 Presentation 5

Download all papers (26.7 MB)

Download all presentations (65 MB)

The current list of speakers is as follows:

Name Organisation Country
Gang Shi University of Tsinghua China
Zhou Feng Tongji University China
Ben Young University of Hong Kong China
Shuang Niu and Feng Fan Harbin Institute of Technology China
Ganping Shu, S.G.Fan and Zheng Baofeng Southeast University, Nanjing China
Stephen Quach University of Macau Macau
Kim Rasmussen University of Sydney Australia
Satoshi Nagar Osaka University Japan
Luciano Lima and Pedro Vellasco University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Wladyslaw Jaxa-Rozen Bombardier Canada
Guven Kiymaz Fatih University Turkey
Barbara Rossi Liege University Belgium
Asko Talja and Petr Hradil VTT Finland
Jukka Saynajakangas Outokumpu Finland
Esther Real UPC, Barcelona Spain
Hans Groth Outokumpu Sweden
Marios Theophanous Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
Dinar Camotin Technical University of Lisbon Portugal
Nuno Lopes and Paulo Vila Real University of Aveiro Portugal
Leroy Gardner Imperial College UK
Jurgen Becque University of Sheffield UK
Katherine Cashell and Nancy Baddoo SCI UK

The Elsevier Journal Thin-Walled Structures has agreed to publish papers presented at the Experts Seminar in a Special Issue. Each paper will be subject to a formal review process by two referees and only those papers which meet the required standard of quality, novelty and contribution to research advancement will be accepted for publication in the Special Issue.

Please prepare your papers in accordance with the Guide for Authors for this journal.

Submission of Abstract:

A 100 word abstract should be sent to Nancy Baddoo by 30 August 2012.

Submission of Paper:

A pdf version of your manuscript, prepared in accordance with the instructions in the Guide for Authors, should be sent to Nancy Baddoo by 8 November 2012. At the Experts Seminar, all delegates will be given a copy of the pdf version of each paper. After the Experts Seminar, final versions of manuscripts will be submitted to Thin-Walled Structures in accordance with their standard online procedure.

Upon arrival at your airport:


We recommend the use of Windsor Cars who offer a meet/greet service. Prices are as follows and are based on a cash only, meet and greet service.

Heathrow to Ascot = £35
Gatwick to Ascot = £68
Stansted to Ascot = £95

Their direct contact details are:

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 677677


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The nearest station to Sunningdale Park is Sunningdale, on the SouthWest Train Service from London (Waterloo) to Reading line (a 45 minute journey). Alternatively if you are arriving late in the evening, it is advisable to go onto the next station which is Ascot, as there is a Taxi Rank and taxis run all night from this station.

Sunningdale Park is approximately a 30 minute walk from Sunningdale Station or a 5 minute taxi ride. From Ascot Station it is unadvisable to walk - a taxi to Sunningdale Park will take approximately 10 minutes.

From London Heathrow -

Take the 285 bus from Heathrow Airport Central to Feltham interchange Station (approximate travel time 10 minutes). At Feltham Station take the SouthWest train service London (Waterloo) to Reading and get off the train at Sunningdale.

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From Waterloo take the South West Train Service from Waterloo to Reading, getting off at Sunningdale.

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